20 Aug 2015 - Maria Verson

Camera Powered by RAIN RFID Captures the Fun at InfoComm

NEC-party photo

Capturing pictures at a corporate party is easy, but pairing those pictures to unknown party guests can be a challenge. When Inmotion was tasked with linking pictures to people at NEC Display’sInfoComm 2015 party at the Tin Roof in Orlando, Florida, they created a RAIN RFID solution to connect people to the pictures they were in.

As party attendees arrived, they were greeted by NEC sales staff and given an NEC prize card. Attendees were then photographed with a RAIN RFID-enabled digital camera, which captured the code of their prize card as well as their picture. Guests were told to bring their prize card to the NEC booth’s winner circle experience throughout the InfoComm show for a chance to win a prize and to see their image from the party. Thanks to this special camera and prize card, this experience was a hit and the winner’s circle was one of the most popular areas of the booth.

NEC camera photo

How it Works

To start, Inmotion linked a Nikon D5300 digital SLR camera to a small reader built on the Impinj RS500 via an optical cable. Then, they attached an antenna to the reader and the camera. They designed the system to register a read each time the flash went off.

NEC-card photo

As attendees arrived at the party, they were given a RAIN RFID prize card featuring the Monza 4QT tag chip, which is built for challenging applications. When the photographer took a picture, the reader registered the read with a timestamp. After the party, the photographer downloaded the pictures and the Inmotion software linked the card reads to the pictures.

NEC-puzzleweel Photo

The next day, party attendees were able to visit the community wall in the NEC booth, swipe their prize card, see their image on the screen and have a chance to win a prize.

All in all, NEC’s party was an awesome event that impressed and engaged visitors, drove traffic to the booth, and showcased an engaging RAIN RFID solution.

Developed by RFID-center module Marathon for Social Interactive Platform (SIP:Marathon) implements connection between photographs made by GoPro with RFID-tag of the badge member and allow instantly find needed photos by identification-badge.


Original: resources.impinj.com/h/i/108468659-camera-powered-by-rain-rfid-captures-the-fun-at-infocomm