RFID center took part in a XVII annual Moscow International Logistics Forum (MMLF-2014)

Demonstration RFID system. RFID portal A "Logistics and supply chain management" Conference was held within the Forum. RFID center became the technology partner of Coordination council of logistics at this Conference.

Developers of logistic decisions and warehouse technologies participated in the Forum. Experts of the RFID center provided demonstration RFID system for automatic identification of participants of the Forum. Main purpose of demonstration was promoting of RFID technology in logistic chains and programs of loyalty of the company.

Нow does our demonstration RFID system work?

Each participant of the Forum get a personal badge. Each badge contained a UHF RFID tag with a unique identifier which was connected to owner’s name.
The RFID portal was set to main entrance on the Forum. When the Forum’s participant passed through the portal, the RFID system check in the tag, associated it with the information about people and brought a personal greeting to LCD panel.

Technical implementation

The portal consists of 4 antennas (FEIG ID ISC.ANT.U250/250 model) which are connected to the stationary RFID reader (Impinj Speedway Revolution model) by means of a software platform "RFIDBus".
Reading range of the tag was 4 meters because total power of antennas didn't exceed 0,1 W (20 dBm).
The source program code, whitch working with "RFIDBus" and providing programming, graphic personalisation of RFID tags via the RFID printer, label processing and information visualization on the LCD panel, is available on Google Project Hosting.