RFID Bus: intellectual setting of RFID readers

RFID Bus module list

In new version of RFID Bus is realised intelligent instrument of step-by-step configuration, which is intelligently communicates with equipment and provides fine adjustment  in case of connection and operation with RFID readers.

Configuration of RFID-readers has become much easier because of division of connection process of equipment to the platform. Having set connection, RFID Bus polls the equipment about its characteristics and builds a tree of step by step settings, based on  this data.

Thus, into informational system are sequentially transmitted requests for configuring of the supported readers settings, such as: antennas parameters, frequency plan, GPIO e.t. Block of settings depends on the entered parameters, adding or skipping necessary settings.

Result of this novation is more simple and functional interfaces of RFID readers settings in information systems, controlling RFID park of the equipment via the RFID Bus.

Middleware platform — the RFID Bus — provides seamless integration of RFID equipment from leading global manufacturers (FEIG, Impinj, Motorola, Zebra, Alien, Nordic ID, RoyalRay) into information systems, and thanks to compliance tests to the characteristics declared by the vendor in RFID Laboratory, the platform sets up the equipment on the best productivity and doesn't demand from the developer of profound knowledge of the used hardware.