RFID Bus has FEIG antenna multiplexer support

Now RFID Bus has FEIG antenna multiplexer ID ISC.ANT.UMUX support.

RFID center continues to develop the solution functionality for abstracted operation with RFID readers. New version of RFID Bus has configuration functionality of devices FEIG ISC.LRU2000/ 3000/ 3500/ 1002 for operating with antenna multiplexers. Now multiplexer switching-on and management its power implement by interface of setting RFID reader.

Multiplexers cascading enables to connect up to 2048 antennas to an RFID reader, that reduces significantly RFID equipment costs.

RFID Bus provides easy integration of RFID equipment of leading manufacturers into information systems. RFID Bus has unified interface for using various RFID devices. It enables to use different RFID devices and standards and provides easy device changing without making any changes in source code.