In the EMC laboratory conducted a study of the influence of UHF RFID radiation on human

The accredited test laboratory of equipment for EMC, situated at JSC "EMC "Vega" Corp.", on 02 up to June 6, 2016 investigates levels of intensity of electromagnetic fields generated by RFID readers. The result of the research, the following conclusions on the effects of UHF RFID radiation:

1. The results of the experiments showed that the magnitude of the EMF generated by RFID equipment, in general, correspond to the sanitary norms (legal levels) and rules for industrial premises, existing on the territory of Russia.

2. The analysis of results of the experiments, was particularly the following:

  • to meet the sanitary-epidemiological norms it is not recommended to use RFID readers with an output power more than +31.5 dBm;
    it is not recommended to be near running equipment RFID to persons under 18 years of age and pregnant women;
  • for the application of RFID equipment in locations of persons under the age of 18 years old and pregnant women, the RFID reader output power should not exceed +21.5 dBm.

3. Application of RFID readers with a transmitter power exceeding +31.5 dBm possible in fully automated lines with automatic light-acoustic pointers on the availability of high-frequency EMF and contact sensors to disable RFID readers, when people pass in automatic identification zone.

4. To create an enabling electromagnetic environment in order to protect personnel and equipment susceptible to EMR, it is recommended to apply radio-absorbing materials (RAM).

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