RFID Base Station

What is the RFID Base Station?

The RFID Base Station - a complete hardware and software solution for reading RFID tags. Complex equipment BS RFID provides data on RFID tags in adverse climatic and electromagnetic conditions, as well as power interruptions, lack of LAN and other negative effects of external factors.


Hardware-software complex – base station of RF identification - is used for automation and implementation RFID technologies at production, transport, logistics and else industrial properties in condition of complex electromagnetic environment, increased requirements for explosive safety, wide operating temperature range (from minus 40 to plus 40 Co) and resistance to other external influences, including mechanical.

Complex main function:

    • Reading and recording RFID data. 
    • Backup received and processed the data in its memory.
    • Actuators control. 
    • Collecting data from external sensors.
    • Distribution of LAN to external customers and management.


Hardware-software complex BS RFID allows you to embed automatic identification system in condition of great distance from date processing centers, outside, in any climate condition.

HSC BS RFID allows you to save data in a break data channels without losing performance during short power supply interruptions, which allows you to create self-recovery automation systems based on RFID.

Modularity of structural performance allows you to configure the structure and characteristics of the HSC BS RFID for customer requirements.