Platform, provides a unified software management interface RFID equipment of different manufacturers.

Speed of develop RFID solutions 

Equipment management

  • Connection and communication support with equipment implemented by internal mechanisms of RFID platform.  
  • Unified program interface of interaction with equipment of different manufacturers.
  • Simultaneous work with equipment from few different information systems.
  • The mechanism of virtualization of readers, based on combination of RFID antennas, GPIO and special features of one or more devices.

Developer tools

  • Hardware emulators.
  • Integration interfaces for most popular systems.
Rfid Bus System Structure

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Each task demands individual equipment configuration, which can vary both by cost and by technology of interaction with external program platform.

Tires RFID Application allows you to select the equipment for the task, focusing only on its value and functional characteristics.

Technological differences with external program environment hides a full-featured single interface RFID Bus.


The introduction of RFID Bus in the project is transparent to the end user - equipment control can be realized through the user interface working application

Summary table for functionality of integration interfaces 

License types

RFID-center offers a flexible licensing policy RFID Bus software, taking into account the specifics of use in the software and hardware solutions. In addition to the current system of licensing for companies software-developers and system-integrators is working affiliate program discounts.

The license for an indefinite period of use is basic and available in perpetuity.

License with limited period of use for 1 year allows to reduce the initial investment in the project and provides access to the latest versions of the product. License cost is 30% of total price RFID Bus and its compounds.

License for embedded software for manufacturers of packaged solutions that use a limited number of RFID devices. The cost of the license may be reduced to 10% of the total price RFID Bus and its components.