RFID Bus. 


Supported by platform, RF readers  are tested in RFID laboratory to confirm manufacturer’s specification. Thereby you get product which sets up the equipment by itself for the best performance and does not require from developer deep knowledge of hardware is used.  


  • Unified work with equipment.
    • Pre-reseted operation modes.
    • Frequency planning.
    • Control power and sensitivity.
    • Reading and programming of RFID tags.   
  • Emulators.
  • GPIO portals management (General-Purpose Input/Output).
  • Specialized functions and mods.
  • Connection of readers from other example of Bus.

Application for portable data terminal (PDT)

RFID platform provides tools to create applications for portable RFID readers using development tools of enterprise information system.

RFID Bus Mobile Thin Client

Applications for PDT implements work with RFID module and management user interface though RFID Bus commands and events.

Virtual readers

RFID Bus standard tools allows you to create virtual readers, which represents composition and decomposition of physical and virtual RF readers with antennas, GPIO port and specialized commands and events.

Виртуализация RFID считывателей

Specialized functions


  • ID ISC.ANT.UMUX 8-channel UHF Multiplexer (up to 512 antennas)
  • People counter (ID ISC.ANT.GPC-B People Counter Kit)
  • Light indicators
  • Sound signaling


  • Advanced preset modes
  • Impinj Speedway Reader Antenna Hub (up to 32 antennas)

Supported hardware

Stationary HF readers

  • FEIG Electronic: ID ISC.LR2500, ID CPR50.10-E
  • USB-readers OMNIKEY CardMan 5321, ACR122U

Stationary UHF readers

  • Alien Readers (ARP or LLRP): ALR-F800, ALR-9900+, ALR-9680, ALR-9650
  • Impinj Speedway, Impinj Speedway Revolution R220/R420, xPortal Gateway, Speedway Reader Antenna Hub
  • Intermec IF2 Network Reader
  • FEIG Electronic ID ISC.LRU2000, ID ISC.LRU3500, ID ISC.LRU3000, ID ISC.LRU1002, ID ISC.MRU102, UHF Multiplexer
  • HARTING Ha-VIS RF-R500, Ha-VIS RF-R200
  • KeyTex KT-UHF-01, KT-UHF-02, KT-UHF-S-02, KT-UHF-IP-02, KT-UHF-H-02, KT-UHF-WE
  • Motorola FX7400
  • Nordic ID Sampo, Stix, NUR-modules
  • RoyalRay UHF Series: RR7036USB, RRU9803M, RRU-CH-AD, RRU9806SR, RRU9806SRIP, RRU9809USB-L, RRU2861, RRU1861
  • ThingMagic: Mercury6, Astra-EX, USB Plus+, Vega Reader and other readers the supported Mercury API.
  • ZEBRA FX7500, FX9500

Hendheld (portable) RFID reader

  • Alien ALH-900x, ALH-901x
  • ARETE mobile ARETE POP
  • Convergence CS101-1
  • HARTING Ha-VIS RFID Handheld Merlin
  • Motorola MC9090, MC919Z
  • Nordic ID PL3000, Merlin UHF Series, Medea
  • SENTER ST907, ST908
  • Zebra MC9190-Z, MC3190-Z

Programmable logic controllers

  • OWEN PLC 100/150/154